OUR promise

Guaranteed Quality Candidates

Our Service Level agreement


Our service level agreement is contractual, agreed by both parties and guarantees you a minimum number of fully qualified candidates as part of your monthly subscription.

How does this work?

Both our service level agreement and subscription fee are based on the work involved to find your ideal candidates. This will be tailored to your requirements based on the volume, location, skills and experience required for each job role.

What is a qualified candidate?

A qualified candidate is someone who meets of all of the specifications outlined in your job brief.  Including skills, experience, location and the completion of our online qualification questionnaire and application forms. Any applications received from non-qualified candidates will not be counted towards our minimum commitment.

What if we do not meet our minimum commitment?

Simple, we provide you with money back!  If we only provide 75% of the required candidates then you will only pay 75% of the subscription costs. Our sourcing team work hard to ensure we find the number of qualified candidates promised.

We will not be beaten on value

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